Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bicycle racing is in the air...and on the windows in NYC.

This is the first image in a 3 image series highlighting Metro Bicycles on 6th Ave and 15th street in NYC. 

While this first post is more about the storefront artwork, the next 2 days that follow are more about the combination of architecture and bicycles. As you will see starting tomorrow, I use reflections to evoke a multi-image look and feel. It is a concept that I had worked on about 2 years ago and decided to have another go at it. The images you will see are not multi-exposure images but instead singe captures. Since i'm a big fan of both architecture and bikes, I am really happy with them.

The image below says it all. Racers have cabin fever from the long, drawn out winter. It's time to knock the dust off your race legs and get registered.

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